WhatsApp Marketing for Health Brands: Innovative Whatsapp Campaign Ideas for Higher Customer Engagement

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The health and wellness industry has been growing rapidly in the eCommerce domain. From brands catering to holistic wellness to those focusing on specific concerns, health issues or even the type of health products, there are several names out there that are making their way into consumer homes. But as competition increases, these businesses will need to look for more personal and innovative ways to reach their consumers - we recommend WhatsApp marketing for health brands

Why do you need WhatsApp marketing for health and wellness brands? 

We have said it before and we’ll say it again, conversational commerce is the future of eCommerce. Consumers no longer want to buy from brands that just have a popular list of products or a great discount running - they want to buy from brands that can offer them the best of products that meet their individual needs and preferences. 

Statistics have found that more than 60% of online shoppers choose to buy from brands that personalize their communication with them. 

Here’s how WhatsApp marketing for health brands can help: 

  • More frequently used - Everyone takes a break from SMS, email, social media and other channels during the day; but WhatsApp is a part of our schedule because it is used proactively to communicate with friends and family - statistics have shown that WhatsApp users have at least 27-28 app sessions in a day on average. 
  • Wide demographic - Every other marketing channel has a vast difference in the demographic it caters to; but when it comes to WhatsApp, everyone is on it - gender, age groups, spend powers, you name the parameter! 
  • Higher open and click through rates - We have found that WhatsApp campaigns see the highest open rate of 99% on average and a whopping 45% click through rate on messages. As compared to other channels, this is the highest response you can see on marketing campaigns. 
  • Commerce features - WhatsApp has literally equipped brands to set up a complete commerce experience for their customers. From WhatsApp catalogs to add to cart, and with the help of WhatsApp Business API, checkout links and payments, everything can happen on the platform. 

But despite the very many in which WhatsApp marketing for health and wellness brands can help boost customer engagement and overall business numbers, brands are sticking to the usuals. 

Either they have automated order status alerts on WhatsApp or are simply pushing out deals and discounts whenever something new gets launched on their online store. We think there are better ways of using WhatsApp marketing for health brands! 

Innovative ways to use WhatsApp marketing for health brands 

We are continually experimenting with how we can make use of every feature and capability that the WhatsApp Business API has to offer, along with our eCommerce automation workflows. Here are some interesting WhatsApp campaign ideas we uncovered in the process: 

1. Promote your ongoing and upcoming sale 

This one is pretty straightforward and focused. You can use WhatsApp broadcasts to promote the ongoing sale on your website; remember this campaign type is not highlighting one product but a sale that includes products from different categories. So the idea here is to lead the consumer to either the sale page on your site or to the catalog where all the products on discount are listed. 

Hey Ahmed, 

Just wanted to bring your attention to the Health Week Sale we’re running. 

All our health and wellness supplements are now available at a 25% discount. 

Grab your kit for a healthy way of living! 

2. Bring attention to your best-selling product (and why) 

Based on trends, seasons and other parameters, there is always a surge in specific health and wellness products. If you have a product that is getting rapidly sold, ensure you create a WhatsApp broadcast campaign to bring more attention to it. Instead of now leading consumers to collection pages, you lead them to this product alone by using the WhatsApp broadcast to share more information about it - ingredients, benefits, why customers love it, etc, and if there is any discount on it. 

Hey Jake, 

Have you met our melt in the mouth multivitamins? 

Last week, 1800+ customers bought this health supplement from us and we have been receiving a positive response to it! 

  • 4.5 overall rating 
  • 900+ reviews
  • FDA approved 
  • Ayurvedic ingredients 
  • 100% vegan 
  • No side effects 

Reply to this message to place an order. 

3. Promote trending products 

Similarly, you may see an increase in products being bought from a specific category or collection. Identify trending products across all key categories and create a WhatsApp broadcast campaign with ‘trending this week’ to bring the recipient’s attention to the health and wellness trends that are happening around them. 

4. Gather information on consumer concerns 

WhatsApp’s interactive messages are underrated. Since health and wellness product purchases are more personal in nature, it is important for brands to understand consumer concerns before pushing for sales. WhatsApp list messages are a great way to start the conversation, letting the consumer decide what they want to learn more about. 

Hey Sara, 

Thank you for opting in to our list and starting your health journey with us. 

We wanted to understand a little more about your health concerns and wellness goals. Please select one of the following so we can help you find the best products: 

  • Improve digestion and diet 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Improve overall health 
  • Improve mental health 
  • Or you can reply with your concern to this message 

5. Schedule consultation calls 

If you have partnered with health and wellness coaches or have a team that can handle queries, use WhatsApp reply buttons in your broadcast campaigns to let consumers schedule or request a call with you. For instance, if you’re launching multivitamins for different age groups, a consumer may want to reach out and seek information on side effects of the same to know which one is the best to get started with. 

6. Make conversational product recommendations

If you are using QuickReply.ai for WhatsApp marketing, you have access to 40+ eCommerce automation workflows that can be personalized for each individual. So why make product recommendations dull and boring? If a consumer uses list messages to share their needs, concerns and preferences, create a WhatsApp chatbot workflow that naturally, in a chatty manner, recommends products that are best suited to the consumer. 

7. Use WhatsApp catalogs to share product information 

When WhatsApp lets you create a whole catalog on the messaging platform, why divert traffic to your website and risk drop-offs in the process? When someone seeks more information about a product, send them a WhatsApp catalog message instead for more details - keep the conversation going and don’t cause breaks. 

8. Promote flash sales, lighting deals and products of the week 

Is there a particular product you want consumers to know more about or a range of items that are available on discount for a limited period of time? The fastest way to get them across to the buyer is through WhatsApp. Create a quick WhatsApp catalog of the products available on time-sensitive deals and fire away! 

9. Share success stories 

Every health and wellness brand tends to share their customer successes on social media or on their website through reviews and ratings. But what about people who skipped on that social media post or did not scroll up until your reviews section on the website? Considering that 90% of consumers trust reviews from other customers, you’re potentially losing sales - we recommend highlighting these wins using a WhatsApp broadcast campaign - the good thing is, you can use the same customer image or video as on social media and your website. 

10. Share media mentions 

Similar to success stories with customers, media mentions also make for good WhatsApp marketing campaigns for health brands. Health brands have to undergo a number of policies and compliances to launch products that consumers are not aware of, but when the brand gets a media mention, it is like a green tick verification of authenticity. So when that happens, dedicate a WhatsApp campaign to thank your customers and at the same time attach a PDF of the media mention or link to the online article. 

<image of feature> 

Look who’s been featured in the Women’s Health Magazine! 

Sara, we’re thrilled to share that our multivitamin supplements for women have been featured in India’s best health magazine. 

And expert doctors have shared their experience and insights on it. You can read the piece here <link>. 

Want to know more? Hit reply to this message! 

11. Create lookbooks of health 

Who said lookbooks are only for fashion and apparel products? Did you know that an average adult consumes almost 3-5 health supplements in a day as a part of their routine? Help them structure their healthy lifestyle better and send over a lookbook that lists out a routine they can follow - it can also be a great way to introduce them to new products, upsell and cross sell from your store! 


Hey Jane, 

It’s good to see you take care of yourself. 

But setting a routine for health supplements can be tough. Don’t worry, we got you covered! 

Download this routine created by our in-house expert ayurveda doctors and pin it to your fridge! 

If you have any questions, simply hit reply to this message. 

12. Create custom bundles 

Ever saw the ‘frequently bought together’ suggestions on Amazon? Well, those drive 33% of the revenue for them! And you can do this on WhatsApp too. Based on the catalog products they add to cart, immediately reach out to them to recommend best-sellers from the same range of products and offer them a bundle pricing to get their ‘health kit together’. 

Hey Sara, 

Just saw you added magnesium supplements to your cart. 

Now that you’re working on your health, we’d like to recommend adding our iron capsules to your kit as well. 

And there's bundle pricing available. Would you like me to send over more details? 

13. Take preorders on WhatsApp 

Is there a new product you’re about to launch or something that you’re restocking? Open doors to pre booking and preorders using WhatsApp broadcasts. It gives your customers a chance to know more about the product in advance and secure their order before it runs out - combine a discount for a win-win situation! 

14. Replenishment reminders 

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to stick to a routine over a period of time. But in our day to day busyness, this often does not happen. We run out of health supplements and forget restocking for days before it hits us! Use WhatsApp to be the reminder your customers need based on customer and product data, and also give them a quicker way to place the order with you immediately. Learn more about using WhatsApp marketing for repeat sales

Ready to use WhatsApp marketing for your health and wellness brand? 

While there are several WhatsApp Business API providers and WhatsApp marketing apps out there, most of them are focused on either helping you send more broadcast messages, bulk messages or automating your customer support. But that’s like tapping into only one-fourth of what WhatsApp can do for your health and wellness brand. 

At QuickReply.ai, we have combined the power of marketing automation with our eCommerce workflows and the WhatsApp Business API to make personalized conversations at scale possible! 

From promoting your products to ensuring the purchase sees completion, we make it possible to handle it all on WhatsApp. 

Book a demo of QuickReply.ai to learn more about WhatsApp marketing for health brands

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