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WhatsApp Templates For
Order Alerts

Order Alert 9- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Alex,

Here's an exciting 🤩 news for you!

Your package containing Black Shoes will be delivered today! 📦

Share your feedback 🛍️ with us to improve your experience! 🥰

Happy Shopping! 🤗

Give Feedback!

Order Alert 9

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Order Alert 8- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Jack,

Your order for Joyous Deodorant has been successfully cancelled. 🛍️

The order amount will be refunded to you within 48 hours!  🛒

Click the link below if you need any assistance 👇

Get Assistance.

Order Alert 8

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Order Alert 3- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hello Alan,

Are you excited? Because we definitely are! 🤩

Your package containing 🎧 Blue Headphones is 🛒OUT FOR DELIVERY and will reach you soon! 🥰

Keep shopping! 🛍️

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Order Alert 3

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Order Alert 7- WhatsApp Template Examples

We've got some news! 🤩

Your package containing 📦 Silver Jewellery with 🛒 tracking number - 1472285 is in Transit and will reach you soon! 🥰

Click on the link below to check your order status 👇

Check Order Status!

Order Alert 7

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Order Alert 6- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Lara,

Your order containing Make Up Kit is being processed! 🤩

📦 Here's a tracking number to know the status of your order - AD27737

Click on the link below👇 to track order!

Track now!

Order Alert 6

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Order Alert 4- WhatsApp Template Examples

It's here, Eva! 🤩

Your package 🛍️ containing Pearl Earrings has been delivered! 📦

Give us an honest feedback to have extra 20% OFF 🤑 on your next order.

Give Feedback now!

Order Alert 4

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Order Alert 5- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Ana,

Thank you for purchasing Soft Pillow & Bedsheet Combo from us! 🥰

🤩 We are thrilled to inform you that your order has been shipped and will be delivered to you shortly. 🤩

Here is your tracking ID 📦 :

Happy Shopping! ✨

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Order Alert 5

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Order Alert 2- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey John,

Thank you for your purchase. 🛍️ Your order has been confirmed! 🤩

We will notify you when it's ready to be dispatched. 📦

You can check your order status by clicking on the link below 👇

Check Order Status!

Order Alert 2

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Order Alert 1- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋Hey Tom,

Your order has been 📦 shipped and will reach your destination soon! 🤩

🥰 Thank you for shopping with us!

Track Order!

Order Alert 1

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What are Order Alerts?

Order Alerts are notifications sent to customers regarding the status of their order. Order Alerts mostly include Order Confirmation, Order Tracking Number, Order Shipped, Order in Transit, Order Out for Delivery, etc. Sending order alerts to customers increases their trust for a business and improves customer experience. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for sending Order Alerts?

Brands with social media are trusted by customers more. WhatsApp offers a perfect way to communicate with customers and gain their trust. WhatsApp is a growing popular messaging app, used widely globally with billions of active users. The app makes it easier for a business to reach a wide audience in less time. Businesses can send various documents like PDF and share various multimedia like GIFs, Photos, Videos, etc. to numerous users with unlimited texts. 

Status of your customer’s order can be sent by a WhatsApp Chat Message with a clear and understandable image. Keep them excited and by sending out alerts at each step. Example, send them an alert when their order is Confirmed, Shipped and when it’s Out for Delivery so they can expect their package. 

After the order is delivered, ask them for an honest Feedback in exchange of loyalty points or discount or free shipping. This will increase customer engagement and improve their experience. 

Turn 1 time visitor into repeat customer with WhatsApp marketing

Leverage the untapped growth potential of WhatsApp marketing to acquire and retain customers.