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WhatsApp Templates For
Repeat Purchase

Repeat Purchase 8- WhatsApp Template Examples


🥰 The Lavender Perfume you previously purchased 🛒 is Back In Stock!

Grab it before it's gone! 🛍️

Grab now!

Repeat Purchase 8

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Repeat Purchase 9- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Laura,

We hope you loved the Black Heels you recently purchased! 🥰

📝 Give us an honest FEEDBACK to have upto 20% OFF 🤩 on your next purchase with FREE SHIPPING 🤯

Happy Shopping! 🛍️

Give Feedback Now!

Repeat Purchase 9

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Repeat Purchase 7- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 It's been a while, Gloria.

Here are some 🥰 recommendations based on your last purchase. 🛍️

🤩 Have Free Shipping on all orders, no coupon required! 🤩

Shop Now!

Repeat Purchase 7

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Repeat Purchase 6- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Lily,

We are pleased to inform that your order has been delivered! 🤩

🥰 Thank you for shopping with us!

Apply code 👉 FREE5 to get discount extra 5% OFF on your next order! 🛒

Click on the link below to view some similar products we think you might like 🛍️

Check Out Now!

Repeat Purchase 6

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Repeat Purchase 5- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Lylah,

It's been so long since you have visited us! 😔

🤩 Here's upto 20% OFF with Free Shipping on all orders valid till the end of month. 🤩

Grab this offer now! ⌛

Shop now!

Repeat Purchase 5

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Repeat Purchase 4- WhatsApp Template Examples

👋 Hey Ryan,

Thank you for recently purchasing Polo T-shirt from us! 🤗

We thought you might also like these similar products 🛍️ specially curated just for you! 🥰

Have 🤩 FREE SHIPPING on your next purchase by applying coupon 👉 FREE20 🛒 while checking out!

Check out now!

Repeat Purchase 4

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Repeat Purchase 3- WhatsApp Template Examples


Have FLAT 20% OFF 🤯 on your next order with express delivery 🛒

Check out now! 🛍️

Explore New Arrivals!

Repeat Purchase 3

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Repeat Purchase 2- WhatsApp Template Examples

We miss you, Sophia. 🥰

🤯 Here's a GIFTCARD worth ₹400 on your next purchase with cart value of min. ₹999 🤯

Explore our wide range of products now! 🛍️

Explore now!

Repeat Purchase 2

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Repeat Purchase 1- WhatsApp Template Examples

Knock, knock, knock! 🚪

🤩 Get UPTO 40% OFF on your next order with free shipping 🤩

Use coupon 👉 TED40 to avail the discount.

Avail Discount!

Repeat Purchase 1

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What are Repeat Purchases?

Repeat Purchase means when a customer keeps purchasing products from the same brand/company. Repeat Purchases often indicate loyalty of customers. It can also be seen as an opportunity for businesses to maintain a long relationship with their customers. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for Repeat Purchases?

With over billions of active users worldwide, WhatsApp is a popular growing messaging app. The platform allows users to send unlimited messages and share various multimedia. With the Official WhatsApp API platform, a user can create it’s Business Account having additional features, to reach a wide customer base and increase their sales. Through WhatsApp, service & support can be offered to customers very easily as well as they can be notified about latest sales, offers, etc. 

Businesses can nudge their customers to make purchases again by sending them alerts via WhatsApp Chat Messages. Notify them about a certain product which is Back In Stock. Offer them a certain discount on their next order which will entice them to make a purchase again. 

Businesses can offer coupons or gift cards to their loyal customers to appreciate them and make them repurchase your products. A Limited Time Offer can be made with a special discount to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). 

Turn 1 time visitor into repeat customer with WhatsApp marketing

Leverage the untapped growth potential of WhatsApp marketing to acquire and retain customers.