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WhatsApp Templates For
Winter Season

What is the Winter Season?

Winter is one of the four seasons. It's the coldest season of the year occuring after Autumn and before Spring. 

During Winter, days are shorter and the nights are longer. Areas which are further away from the equator, observe a snowfall in Winter season. 

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for the Winter Season? 

WhatsApp is considered as the most popular messaging app with billions of active users globally. It can be used as a perfect business tool because of its messaging capability, which connects a brand to its customer base. With one -to-one communication, a brand can increase their customer's experience and engage with them flawlessly. 

Send your customers and subscribers  winter themed WhatsApp Message Templates as a start of the Winter Season. Display seasonal products reflecting the Winter Season. 

A store can launch a new Winter Collection nudging customers to check your brand and explore your products. You can also offer a promotional code valid only for online orders to get more traffic to your online store. 

Food outlets can try giving discounts on warm dishes & beverages as the weather gets colder in winter.

Businesses can give away Teabags as a freebie with every purchase as a care token and to improve customer's experience, with a slogan like "Keeping you warm this Winter".

Winter Season Limited Time Offer

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Winter Season Selected Item Sale

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Winter Season Free Shipping

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Winter Season Clearance Sale

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Winter Season Flat Discount

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Winter Season Percentage Discount

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Winter Season New Launch

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Winter Season Cross Sell

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Winter Season Sales Announcement

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