WhatsApp Marketing for Kids Brands: Innovative Whatsapp Campaign Ideas for Kids Brands

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The number of brands catering to kids alone has been steadily increasing across industries. Be it in the fashion and apparel sectors, toys, health supplements or other industries, you can see companies becoming razor focused on serving this specific target audience segment. While the reason for kids brands in India is said to be the increasing population, other countries are seeing a similar pattern - parents are becoming more conscious about what they are providing their kids. 

Why use WhatsApp marketing for kids brands? 

Yes, there is social media, email, SMS and other channels still available for your kids brand to reach your target audience. So why do we think WhatsApp marketing for kids brands is a must-have addition to your strategy? 

  • Wider demographic - Be it parents, their parents, relatives, friends and family members, practically all the age groups that are taking care of kids' needs are WhatsApp users. 
  • Active user base - As compared to other channels, WhatsApp is a lot more actively used every day; studies have shown that its users open the app at least 27-28 times a day. 
  • High open and click through rate - Because of its nature of message delivery and active use, you as a brand stand a chance to get your message read; average open rates on WhatsApp are 99% and click-throughs also hit almost 45%. 
  • Better response - Owing to the natural use of WhatsApp to chat, it also makes for a channel that brands can open two-way conversations on. Giving customers a way to quickly reach you or respond to you, is a sure shot way to boost engagement rates. 
  • Commerce features - The platform does not stop at just offering a faster way to talk to your customers. It comes with a whole suite of features that can make the buying and selling happen on it too - now imagine how convenient it can be for parents with infants! 

Now everyone talks about WhatsApp and sending broadcast messages to promote your new deals and discounts. But we’re going to do this slightly differently. While promotions on WhatsApp are great, kids brands can actually do more with the platform using a WhatsApp Business API provider like QuickReply.ai. 

Innovative ways of using WhatsApp marketing for kids brands 

There are several features of WhatsApp that you can leverage to create engaging campaigns for marketing. We are going to list some of them below, but feel free to experiment further! 

1. Promote your ongoing sales and discounts 

There’s a lot of expense that new parents have to make as the child grows up. So the very first WhatsApp campaign we recommend is sending a broadcast to promote your ongoing sale or discounts. It is often hard to keep up with what brands have to offer and this eases their purchase journey. 

Hey Sara, 


As you embark on a new journey, we just wanted to reach out and tell you that there is a 25% off discount running on all our products in the kids category. 

You can check them out here or reply to this message if you don’t find something. 


2. Offer shopping assistance 

Purchasing products for children can often be tough - especially virtually, where the touch and feel of products is not possible. This is where tapping into conversational commerce on WhatsApp comes into play. Offer them the support they need and make their online shopping more direction with the help of list messages that guide them towards specific collections of products. 

Hey Sara, 

Looks like you’re building your baby’s crib. What a sweet journey it is! 

We just wanted to make sure you find the best product for your kid. You can pick what you’re looking for and we can send over our best sellers to you: 

  • Baby bedding and cushions 
  • Baby adjustable cribs 
  • Baby toys for cribs 

3. Send product recommendations 

Based on the inputs shared on the WhatsApp list messages, you can then send personalized product recommendations on WhatsApp. You can do this in two ways - either you can link them to the products on your website, or share a shoppable WhatsApp catalog message that lets them choose and add a product to cart on the messaging platform itself. 

Thanks for sharing with us, Sara! 

We have a beautiful range of adjustable, pure mango wood baby cribs available with us. 

Feel free to add the one you like the most to your cart or reply to this message to know the best deal on it. 

<catalog with baby products> 

4. Schedule a call 

New parents often find it tough and overwhelming to go shopping with the baby. But not being able to physically see the products can hamper their judgment and result in purchasing the wrong products - and no one wants the hassle of returns and exchanges. If you have a team of salespeople in your store, you can send out a campaign that allows them to schedule a call with your team using Reply buttons - this could be a video call or a normal call based on the resources available to you. But the extra effort will get you brownie points! 

Hey Sara, 

We noticed that you did not purchase the baby onesies you were browsing through. 

If you’d like a little help and explore our collection, we'd be happy to schedule a call for you and give you a personal walkthrough. 

Yes, give me a video call | No, send me the catalog again. 

5. Join their journey 

There is a lot of learning and unlearning that parents go through as their kids grow up. Just like magazines and books, you can actually turn into their companion during this phase, introducing them to new things, sharing experiences and stories from others, and so on. WhatsApp newsletters are a great way to keep customers engaged and informed - beyond discounts! 

Hey Sara, 

Just a quick monthly check-in! 

How are you doing? 

Did you know that we have a blog that shares stories from our customers, their experiences with parenthood and how they’re taking care of themselves? Here are some recent reads you will love browsing through: 

  • 10 ways I’m taking care of my body after a baby <link> 
  • Maintaining work life balance as a new mom <link> 
  • How to introduce your kids to vegetables <link> 

Want to read about something specific? 

Hit reply to this message and we will find it for you! 

You’re doing a lovely job, mommy! 

6. Automate replenishment reminders 

Imagine running out of diapers at the very last moment! That’s a nightmare that a lot of parents live. But your brand can step up and truly become a part of their journey. Based on the type of products you sell, you can set up automated reminders to replenish products

Hey Sara, 

You bought 2 packs of diapers last month from us. 

We just wanted to send you a quick reminder to order in the next pack before you run out! 

Reorder now! 


7. Share progressive catalog 

If you’re a kids brand that has a range of products across months and years, you need to use WhatsApp marketing in a progressive way - starting from the day the consumer makes their first interaction with you or a purchase from you. For example, if they bought baby products from your 0-1 month old collection of apparel, reach out to them at the end of the first month, to share your apparel collection for 2-4 month olds. 

Hey Sara, 

Time flies by, doesn’t it! 

Babies grow so quickly and so do their needs. 

You bought the cotton onesies from our last month and we’re sure your baby is all set to move into comfy shorts for diaper changes now. 

Take a look at our 2-month baby collection here! 

<link to collection> 

8. Introduce them to new products 

A lot of purchases for babies and kids are based on recommendations that come from friends and family. So the discovery of products is often based on what is known to their circles or themselves. Based on their previous interactions and purchases, introduce them to new products and share why they should consider buying them for their kids. This does two things - gives you an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell, and makes the customer feel you care for them. 

Hey Sara, 

You recently bought baby bedding from us. 

We hope your kid loves sleeping in our comfortable bed sheets! 

We just wanted to reach out and share another one of our bestselling products - the baby neck pillow. 

Parents are loving it for the comfort it adds to the funniest (and cutest) baby postures! 

Check it out here! 

<link to product> 

9. Take custom orders 

If your brand takes special requests on products, ensure it is easy for the customer to place that request. By using WhatsApp, you can move away from the traditional form and take the customization order through chat. This makes it further easier for shoppers to place their requests as well. 

Hey Sara, 

You were looking for baby cribs. 

We just wanted you to know that we can customize the size of the cribs as per your needs. 

Simply hit reply to this message if you’d like to chat with our experts. 

Ready to use WhatsApp marketing for your kids brand? 

WhatsApp can make for the perfect channel to build a rapport with your customers that can lead to long term relationships - aka - customer retention and customer loyalty. 

But to be able to do this, brands need to proactively register what customers are engaging with and purchasing, how their preferences are changing and reach out to them with the right message at the right time - which is impossible to do manually. 

This is where leveraging the WhatsApp Business API to set up automated campaigns comes into play. 

QuickReply.ai has built 40+ automation workflows for eCommerce businesses that help brands create these WhatsApp marketing campaigns with personalization. We believe that every interaction a consumer makes with your brand is an indication of what they need and so we help you tailor your campaigns, optimizing them for maximum reach and engagement. 

But that’s not all. 

We make it further simpler for kids brands to offer easy shopping to their customers with WhatsApp commerce. With checkout links and the ability to take payments on the messaging app, we ensure that your brand loses no sale and is able to offer a seamless experience to buyers. 

Ready to explore WhatsApp for marketing? 

Reach out to us for a demo today

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