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How Zinque Patisserie Reduced Message Failures by 37% with Broadcast Auto Retry


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Broadcast Failures Auto Retry

Meta recently introduced frequency capping on WhatsApp to enhance the platform experience for users and reduce spam. This resulted in a significant rise in broadcast failure rates.

Before this change, brands often overwhelmed users with excessive marketing messages.

This over-messaging was annoying for users and detrimental to brands, leading to broadcast message failure rates climbing as high as 90%.

Brands found themselves in a challenging situation, with no effective way to manage this significant issue affecting the entire ecosystem.


Zinque Patisserie, founded by Siya Talreja, is a prominent French patisserie in Mumbai.

Known for its authentic French pastries, Zinque uses high-quality ingredients to craft gourmet desserts, including mini cakes, entremets, and macarons.

Brief about Zinque

A key component of Zinque's marketing strategy is leveraging WhatsApp to reach leads and customers. Using personalized messages and promotional campaigns, Zinque effectively engages with its audience and triggers dessert cravings.

This approach ensures timely updates on new products, special offers, and seasonal collections, making WhatsApp an essential tool in their marketing efforts.

The Challenge:

Everything was going smoothly for Zinque on WhatsApp until Meta introduced a frequency capping update. Suddenly, the marketing message failure rate skyrocketed to 90%.

This update meant Zinque's meticulously designed broadcast campaigns were not reaching their intended audience.

The impact was widespread, affecting every brand using WhatsApp for marketing. With no clear guidelines on what would work, navigating this new landscape was challenging for everyone.

For one particular broadcast campaign, Zinque experienced a failure rate of 47.27%, signaling that it was time to take action.

This situation was frustrating for Zinque, as the brand had relied heavily on WhatsApp to engage with its customers effectively.

The team had to quickly adapt and find new strategies to overcome the high failure rates and ensure their messages could reach their audience again.

The urgency to act was evident, as continuing the current approach was no longer viable.

The Solution:

With high message failure rates, Zinque turned to their WhatsApp marketing partner, QuickReply.ai, for a solution.

Recognizing this was a widespread issue impacting many brands, QuickReply.ai developed a new feature called Broadcast Auto Retry.

Broadcast Failures Auto-Retry

This feature was designed to automate the management of failed message deliveries, ensuring that broadcast campaigns could run smoothly and that messages would eventually reach their intended audience.

The idea was simple yet effective: if a message failed to deliver, the system would automatically attempt to resend it up to three times, with each retry spaced 24 hours apart.

QuickReply.ai recommended that Zinque implement this auto-retry strategy for all their broadcast campaigns.

By allowing a 24-hour window between each retry, they aimed to maximize the chances of successful message delivery.

This approach provided a systematic way to deal with the initial failures caused by Meta's update, offering a way to maintain effective communication with their customers despite the new restrictions.

To learn more about the Broadcast Auto Retry feature, click here.


Implementing QuickReply.ai’s Broadcast Auto Retry feature brought significant improvements for Zinque Patisserie's WhatsApp campaigns.

As seen in the results of their "Mango Edit/Healthy Cakes-Gluten Free-Vegan 1" campaign, the initial broadcast to 7,030 contacts faced substantial failures, with 3,324 messages failing to deliver.

However, with the Broadcast Auto Retry feature in place, the subsequent retries showed remarkable progress:

  • Retry 1: Of the 3,171 contacts, 872 messages were successfully delivered, reducing the failures to 2,131.
  • Retry 2: Another attempt was made to 2,132 contacts, resulting in 272 successful deliveries and reducing the failures to 1,811.
  • Retry 3: The final retry reached out to 1,812 contacts, achieving 162 successful deliveries and bringing down the failures to 1,608.
Zinque Recovery Results

Overall, the Broadcast Auto Retry feature significantly improved the delivery rates, recovering a large portion of initially failed messages. This strategy ensured that a majority of the intended audience eventually received the broadcast messages, thereby mitigating the impact of Meta’s frequency capping update.

If you’re facing similar challenges with your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, consider giving QuickReply.ai a try. Book a demo today to see how our innovative solutions can enhance your marketing efforts.

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