11 Best WhatsApp Marketing Software & Tools for Businesses in 2023

August 11, 2023

With an open rate of almost 98% and click throughs that reach an average of 47%, WhatsApp has become one of the best channels for marketing. In fact, over the last few years, WhatsApp marketing has become a key strategy for business growth for brands across industries, delivering an ROI that is almost equivalent to (or higher in some cases) email marketing. 

But being able to market on WhatsApp requires more than just sending out messages to a group of people. 

It requires creating a WhatsApp marketing strategy that takes into account the entire customer lifecycle. And to do that, you need the right WhatsApp marketing software and tools for your business. 

In this post, we’re going to list out some of the best WhatsApp marketing software and tools for online businesses. 

What is WhatsApp marketing software? 

A WhatsApp marketing software is essentially a tool that enables eCommerce businesses to send out promotional or broadcast messages to customers who have opted in to receive updates. These WhatsApp marketing tools make use of the WhatsApp Business API to help automate sending these campaigns that can include text, images, videos and even documents. 

WhatsApp marketing tools like also help create campaigns that go beyond one-time promotions. This includes being able to strategically automate follow-ups on the campaign - be it engagement-focused or promotional, to ensure that the consumer sees the message and takes a desired action on the same. 

List of the best WhatsApp marketing software and tools 

When you start looking for WhatsApp marketing tools, you may come across a number of solutions as the WhatsApp Business API is available to developers. But the list below is created based on the features of the tools built using the API and those that have proven to help businesses grow. 

1. is the best WhatsApp marketing software available to online businesses as it was built keeping in mind how eCommerce works. The WhatsApp marketing tool uses the WhatsApp Business API in addition to the marketing automation capabilities to help businesses create comprehensive marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle. 

Some of the key features that make it the best WhatsApp marketing software include: 

  • 40+ WhatsApp marketing automation workflows - welcome, product browsing, product promotion, discount, promotional, customer winback and more¬†
  • Active customer segmentation based on previous purchases, interactions and engagement¬†
  • Ability to send 100k+ messages per day¬†
  • Personalization of WhatsApp broadcast campaigns¬†
  • Library of ready-to-use and customizable WhatsApp templates¬†
  • Bulk messaging capabilities¬†
  • Multi-step follow up WhatsApp marketing campaigns¬†
  • One inbox (shared inbox) for managing all campaign conversations¬†
  • Powerful analytics on WhatsApp marketing¬†
  • Customer support and success team¬†
  • Ability to add multiple team members¬†

2. Delight Chat 

Although initially created to enable WhatsApp as a customer support channel, Delight Chat is another popular solution for WhatsApp marketing. It enables you to send unlimited personalized bulk messages to customers opted into your list. The WhatsApp marketing tool comes with the ability to set up automated notifications and track the ROI from marketing campaigns. 

3. Interakt 

Interakt is said to be one of the most affordable WhatsApp Business API solution providers. While the tool offers the automations required to set up marketing campaigns, it is not exclusively built to scale marketing and is more suited for customer support. Its bulk WhatsApp marketing message sender can be used to run targeted campaigns for segmented lists. 

4. Zoko 

Zoko is another solution provider that makes it simpler for businesses to use the WhatsApp Business API. Although the functionality is pretty basic, it can be a good choice for those who are just getting started with WhatsApp marketing. It comes with a WhatsApp inbox that makes it simpler for the team to manage communication with customers. 

5. AiSensy 

AiSensy is a marketing platform that uses the WhatsApp Business API to help businesses create chatbots and automate marketing campaigns. It helps businesses set up promotional WhatsApp messages, with numbers varying based on the pricing plan you choose. The WhatsApp marketing tool also comes with a shared inbox to enable team collaboration. 

6. Wati 

Wati is a WhatsApp marketing tool that is known for its no-code chatbot builder to help automate conversations with customers. Since it uses the WhatsApp Business API as well, you can create WhatsApp broadcast and promotional campaigns on it and manage the response by adding upto 5 agents to the platform. 

7. Gallabox 

Gallabox is another WhatsApp marketing tool used by businesses to generate more leads from the messaging platform. It uses the WhatsApp Business API to give you the ability to create chatbot workflows for multiple marketing campaigns. It also lets you add 5-10 users to manage conversations in a shared inbox based on the plan you choose. 

8. BiteSpeed 

Primarily used for marketing, BiteSpeed is a platform that offers campaign setting on both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The marketing tool uses the WhatsApp Business API to help set up promotional broadcasts, and offers a support inbox to keep track of conversations coming from different campaigns. 

9. BusinessOnBot 

BusinessOnBot is an end-to-end marketing solution for WhatsApp. It enables you to create automated campaign sequences, send one-time bulk messages for promotions and even set up chatbots to address messages from consumers. The WhatsApp marketing tool uses the WhatsApp Business API to offer these features. 

10. is a popular multichannel marketing tool that helps businesses automate campaigns on text/ SMS, WhatsApp, email, social media and online store websites. The platform itself does not give access to the WhatsApp Business API. You will need to work with solution providers like for the same and then connect your API to the tool; which then helps you run targeted campaigns across the channels and personalize communication. 

11. WebEngage 

Another one of the solutions that makes it to our list of WhatsApp marketing software is WebEngage. Although, the platform is a multi-channel marketing solution for businesses across several industries. WebEngage uses the WhatsApp Business API to bring in the messaging platform to their marketing dashboard, enabling businesses to automate campaigns on WhatsApp alongside other channels. It also has integrations with other WhatsApp marketing tools so you can run campaigns on them in sync with the other channels you set on their dashboard. 

How to choose the best WhatsApp marketing software? 

While the first parameter you may look into when choosing a WhatsApp marketing software is the price of it, here are some other aspects we recommend probing: 

  • Integration with CMS: Whether you‚Äôre using Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce or any other CMS, ensure the WhatsApp marketing software has a deep integration with it. This is important to be able to pull the required product information to your WhatsApp catalog and sync back the orders received on the messaging platform.¬†
  • WhatsApp automations: Almost every WhatsApp marketing tool enables sending bulk messages. But for marketing, you need more than just the ability to send WhatsApp broadcast campaigns. Look for the automation workflows they can enable - welcome, cart recovery, customer engagement, customer winback, customer retention and others.¬†
  • WhatsApp templates: Creating a WhatsApp template from scratch for every marketing campaign can be time-consuming; add to that the approval time of WhatsApp itself. The best WhatsApp marketing software like comes with ready-to-use and customizable WhatsApp templates.¬†
  • Ease of use: While almost all WhatsApp marketing software enable automations, not all are easy to get started with. Ensure the interface of the tool you choose is easy to get started with.¬†
  • Customer support and success: Another parameter to look into is the support and success the WhatsApp marketing software has to offer. For example, has a team of WhatsApp marketing experts that help you not just set up the first campaign, but create a strategy to turn the messaging platform into a sales channel for your business.¬†
  • WhatsApp analytics: It is important for you to be able to attribute the success of WhatsApp marketing. This is where being equipped with in-depth analytics and insights becomes important. has built out a thorough dashboard for the same.¬†
  • Customer segmentation: Personalization is key to WhatsApp marketing success. The WhatsApp marketing software should be able to help personalize beyond the first name, using segmentation based on engagement, previous interactions and purchases as key data points.¬† The best WhatsApp marketing software for eCommerce businesses was built keeping in mind the requirements of an eCommerce business. Going beyond just enabling them to send bulk messages on WhatsApp, we built a WhatsApp marketing tool that gives brands the ability to use the messaging platform as extensively as other channels like email, SMS and Facebook Messenger. 

Infact, being able to run comprehensive marketing campaigns on WhatsApp, has given brands a chance to double their sales through an added channel. From better customer engagement across all lifecycle stages to driving almost 176X ROI from WhatsApp, delivers the best of marketing results. Read our WhatsApp marketing case studies here.

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