WhatsApp Marketing and Business API Myths Busted

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The advent of messaging channels such as WhatsApp and the simplicity of use associated with it means that ecommerce businesses are rapidly starting to use WhatsApp for marketing, sales, and to offer customer support to online shoppers as well.

However, despite its popularity there are a large number of misconceptions around WhatsApp marketing.

In this article, we aim to bust some of the most common WhatsApp business myths. So keep reading to know more.

WhatsApp Business API Myths you need to stop believing

1. You get free messaging with the WhatsApp Cloud API

One of the most common WhatsApp business myths you hear is that businesses tend to think there are no messaging charges when using WhatsApp Cloud API. This misconception arises since Facebook hosts servers in order to store messages sent using WhatsApp Cloud API.

However, the truth is that your business will need to pay for messaging and conversations. All Facebook does is provide free approval of WhatsApp Business API. 

2. You can use the same number for on-premise as well as WhatsApp Cloud API at the same time

This is definitely a myth and an absolute no-no when using WhatsApp for business purposes. 

You can use a number either with Cloud WhatsApp API or on-premise WhatsApp API but not at the same time.

However, you can migrate your phone number from the on-premise API to the cloud API.

3. Messages sent using the WhatsApp Cloud API are not protected

A common myth with WhatsApp business API is that WhatsApp can read your messages.

This is absolutely not true!

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to secure messages meaning that when you use the business API to send a message, it gets scrambled in such a way that no one else, other than the person/business you’re sending the message to can actually make sense of it. In simpler words, the person you are messaging has the ‘key’ to unscramble the message and no one else.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has a strict privacy policy and it has to abide by the local and regional laws of compliance regulations in order to function in a particular region. This means that your security and privacy are well protected.

4. Certain messaging features available on WhatsApp business API will not be available on the cloud API

Another WhatsApp business myth is that messaging features are vastly different on the WhatsApp Cloud API.

This is not true.

All features available on the business API are available on the cloud as well. A couple may not be available right away, but you can expect Facebook to roll them out through monthly updates.

5. WhatsApp Cloud API does not protect your media

Any photos, videos, and images that you send from your WhatsApp business number to other individuals or businesses is highly sensitive and cannot be exposed to a third-party.

The great thing about WhatsApp is their privacy policy that assures users that any media included in messages is encrypted and temporarily stored in order to deliver it to the person you are messaging. Once the media has reached the receiver’s device, it gets removed from WhatsApp’s servers, ensuring your privacy.

6. BSPs no longer have a role with the advent of WhatsApp Cloud API

If you think that the role of business service partners and WhatsApp partners have come to an end with the launch of WhatsApp Cloud API, especially with Facebook providing direct access to WhatsApp Business API, then it's a myth.

The fact of the matter is that Facebook merely provides you with access to WhatsApp Business API and not a platform. You will either have to build the platform or choose a third-party platform to get started.

We recommend choosing a WhatsApp Business API solution provider like QuickReply.ai if you have an eCommerce business. 

7. WhatsApp business has access to your banking details

One of the greatest advantages of WhatsApp commerce is that WhatsApp has enabled in-app payment transfers to better carry out ecommerce transactions.

Now, while this is great, many business owners believe that since WhatsApp stores banking details there is a risk in using WhatsApp for bank payments. However, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption once again comes to the rescue here.

WhatsApp’s encryption ensures that all your account related information is absolutely safe and secure. Also, WhatsApp does not share any of your bank account details with any other person.

In addition to the same, if you are receiving payments on WhatsApp for orders taken through messages, you can use WhatsApp checkout links to keep the transaction secure. 

8. On-premise WhatsApp Business API is going to be removed

Another common WhatsApp business myth is that the on-premise API is going to be removed, especially with an easy alternative to obtain the WhatsApp business API.

However, this is far from true.

As per the information we have from Facebook, the on-premise WhatsApp business API will continue to function and businesses can get direct access to the API with the help of a WhatsApp partner like QuickReply.ai. 

9. Installing chatbots is illegal

Conversational commerce is a critical aspect for ecommerce businesses. Live chat tools, conversational AI based WhatsApp chatbots, etc are great ways to interact with your audience and reach out to your customers.

However, there’s a myth being propagated that installing chatbots and broadcasting messages to 1000 users on a daily  basis is illegal.

The truth is that you can carry out broadcast campaigns and install chatbots as long as it is done through the official WhatsApp business API. Doing it through any other platform will be marked as illegal.

10. WhatsApp Business API is only for larger businesses

A popular WhatsApp commerce myth is that the WhatsApp Business API and the green tick is only available for larger businesses.

Now the fact is that you can avail the WhatsApp Business API from any of WhatsApp’s partner companies and is applicable to small, medium, and large businesses.

11. Only transactional messages can be sent as broadcast to your users

This is not true. 

You can send different types of messages to both users as well as your old leads. The only condition is that you need to get your messages approved by WhatsApp first before you can go ahead and send it out as part of your campaign.

12. You can only use WhatsApp business for customer support

Again a myth. 

WhatsApp is one of the most powerful tools for ecommerce businesses. Not only can you provide faster, around the clock customer support, but you can leverage WhatsApp business for generating leads and running super personalized marketing campaigns to target specific users.

It is a great tool for customer support and marketers alike.

13. Getting WhatsApp Business API set up is a time consuming process

There is a common misconception that if you’re planning to use a WhatsApp chatbot then procuring the WhatsApp Business API and taking the chatbot live can take days or even months.

However, this is not true. You can go live with your WhatsApp Chatbot on the business API in as little as 24-36 hours.

14. WhatsApp Business API is super expensive

Ultimately how much you have to pay for the WhatsApp Business API heavily depends on the business provider that you use to get access to WhatsApp Business. Most business providers help you set up the WhatsApp Business API and charge a one-time set up fee without having to pay monthly maintenance.

15. Multiple team members cannot manage WhatsApp messages at a time

If you have a business where you are likely to receive huge volumes of messages from your audience, then you’ll definitely need multiple members of your team dividing up these messages and acting on it as soon as possible.

Now, a popular myth is that WhatsApp Business API does not allow multiple members to manage and reply to WhatsApp messages at a time. However, with the right platform, you can leverage WhatsApp Business in such a way that you and your colleagues can carry out both internal conversations as well as external messaging with ease.

Wrapping up

It's safe to say that the launch of WhatsApp Business has opened up an endless array of opportunities and possibilities to a large number of ecommerce businesses.

However, the myths surrounding the API hinders a large number of businesses from effectively using WhatsApp for their ecommerce business. This is why it is important to understand the WhatsApp Business API thoroughly and why it is key to bust these common myths around using WhatsApp for commerce.

Now if you’d like to know more on how you can leverage WhatsApp marketing you can book a free demo with QuickReply.ai and understand how you can sell more.

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