WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Ideas for Tea and Coffee Brands on Shopify

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The pandemic caused an uptick in the consumption of tea and coffee at home. And the trend continues as we find the two beverages fuelling our day to day lives - think about the number of team and coffee brands on Shopify alone now! 

According to Statista, the global eCommerce sales for tea and coffee has grown by over 269% over the last few years. The number is only increasing owing to businesses investing in offering more options to consumers. 

But just as in other industries, selling tea or coffee online can be competitive. While you will need to promote your brand on search engines, social media and other traditional channels, you now need a way to cut through the noise and keep your customers engaged - unless you want them exploring options with other brands. 

That’s where WhatsApp marketing comes in. 

In this post, we’re sharing some of the ways in which tea and coffee brands on Shopify can use WhatsApp marketing to keep their customers engaged and buying more frequently. 

How to use WhatsApp marketing for tea and coffee brands on Shopify 

As we always say, there are several ways in which you can use WhatsApp marketing using QuickReply.ai. With access to the WhatsApp Business API features along with intelligent automations, you can run promotions, engagement and retention campaigns as a part of your marketing strategy. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite WhatsApp marketing campaign ideas for tea and coffee brands online: 

1. Promote your ongoing and upcoming deals 

The very first WhatsApp marketing campaign idea is of course to promote your deals and discounts. You can use WhatsApp broadcast messages to either promote the discounts you’re currently running or create excitement about the ones you’re going live with in the next few days. 

Similarly, you can create one-off WhatsApp broadcast campaigns to promote your deals, or schedule WhatsApp messages if you have a discount strategy already mapped out with timelines. 

Hey Jana, 

Our range of matcha tea is now available at 25% off! 

Explore a new way to detox your body with matcha. 

Grab your match tea now! 

2. Offer shopping assistance 

Who says WhatsApp broadcasts are only meant to promote your deals and discounts? You can also create a WhatsApp marketing campaign to offer shopping assistance to consumers. 

Since the tea and coffee brands are now growing their catalogs with more flavors and variety to offer, it can be tough for consumers to find what suits them the best. This can result in them either sticking to the usuals or not making the purchase at all. 

Explore new flavors of coffee with us! 

Hey Sara, 

We know you love your daily cup of coffee to fuel your day. 

Guilty as charged, we do too! 

And that’s why we have come up with all new flavors - new day, new coffee! 

Want our coffee connoisseurs to help you pick one that suits your taste buds? 

Reply to this message.  

3. Send product recommendations 

Based on what a consumer has previously purchased or shown interest in, you can also create a WhatsApp marketing campaign that introduces them to new items. Sending product recommendations also helps you upsell and cross-sell without sounding too pushy for sales! 

For example, if someone has bought coffee for cold brew, you can send them the following WhatsApp broadcast campaign: 

Brewing coffees got easier! 

Hey Adam, 

You bought coffee from our store last month. 

So we know you love brewing a cuppa every day! 

We have a new range of coffee bags that you can dip-to-brew and have your coffee ready in less than a minute. 

Our customers are loving it already! 

Order a trial pack today. 

4. Replenishment and restock reminders 

Your WhatsApp marketing strategy shouldn’t just be focused on driving in new sales. Keep your existing customers engaged too by setting up automated replenishment or restock reminders on WhatsApp. 

Leveraging automations, you can create segmented WhatsApp broadcasts based on the products one has purchased from your store before. 

Your tea is running out of stock! 

Hey Meena, 

You ordered a pack of green tea from our store 30 days ago. 

We’re pretty sure you’re soon running out of stock and you have a health regimen to keep us with. 

Restock your green tea now! 

Reply to place an order. 

5. Take custom orders for tea and coffee  

Does your tea and coffee brand also allow for customizations in flavors? WhatsApp is the best place to take orders! 

For example, if you have a tea brand that lets consumers choose tea leaves and flavors like lavender, rose and others, set up an automated WhatsApp sequence to grab their interest and take their order. 

Your tea, your way! 

Hey Richa, 

You’ve bought 3 types of tea flavors from our store. So we know you’re going to love making your own! 

Now we can customize your tea leaves as per your favorite flavors. 

We’ll ask you a set of questions and get your order ready. Would you like to give it a try? 

Yes, let’s do this | No, I want to order the usual 

6. Offer tea or coffee bundle deals 

Another way to make your WhatsApp marketing campaigns successful is to bundle products. You can do this in a few ways - based on the products that a customer has previously bought from your tea and coffee online store, or based on the theme/ purpose of the products. 

For example, if you have a range of tea products that are best suited for detox, here’s a WhatsApp broadcast you can send to promote them as a bundle: 

Get your detox journey started! 

Hey Rahul, 

When was the last time your body took a detox break? 

Did you know that researchers, doctors and nutritionists recommend going on detox once every 3 months? 

The good thing is that it is now easy to do with our Detox Bundle. 

Explore our Detox Bundle today. 

7. Promote your bestsellers or trending products  

Another way to use WhatsApp broadcasts is to bring more attention to your top-selling items or best-sellers. Use your product and order analytics to identify what different segments of your customers are purchasing often and use the intel to craft your WhatsApp marketing campaign. 

Best-selling coffee for a reason! 

Hey Jane, 

From one coffee-lover to another, you need to try this coffee.

We got 150+ five star reviews on our Cranberry Coffee in one week itself! 

And we have a 15% discount running on it as well. 

Place an order today. 

8. Learn more about your customers 

Another WhatsApp marketing campaign idea we personally love is getting to know your customers. Reach out to your WhatsApp list to learn more about their interest, intent and preferences in tea and coffee products. 

This also gives you a chance to understand what they are looking for and recommend products that they are more likely to purchase. Personalized WhatsApp marketing campaigns made possible! 

Tell us what you like! 

Hey Sara, 

You’ve been our customer for a while now. Great taste in coffee, btw! 

We’d like to learn more about you and recommend a few products that suit you best. 

Why do you like having a cup of coffee every day? 

  • To boost metabolism¬†
  • To get energy¬†
  • To address health concerns¬†

9. Run customer surveys 

Another campaign that can become a part of your WhatsApp marketing strategy, is running surveys. This is especially helpful if you’re looking to expand your tea and coffee catalog. 

Owing to the two-way conversational nature of WhatsApp, running customer surveys on the messaging platform is more fruitful here. 

We’re bringing new tea to the store! 

Hey Sara, 

We’re soon launching an all-new collection of tea and would love to survey you to get your feedback and insights. 

Would you mind answering a few questions on WhatsApp? 

Yes, send them over | Call me instead! 

10. Seek customer referrals 

Another way to make use of WhatsApp marketing is to send a broadcast message seeking referrals from your existing customers. You can simply combine a deal with a referral request, and even double the number of customers you reach - we call that a win-win! 

Your next cup of coffee is on us! 

Hey Sam, 

Sharing a cup of coffee is always a good idea! 

Invite your friends to our store and win a box of coffee dips for your next get-together. 

Invite friends 

11. Offer product subscriptions 

Another way to keep your customers engaged is to book their commitment to your brand. And the best way to do so is to ask them to subscribe to your tea and coffee products for a set interval of time. 

Subscribe and save on your tea! 

Hey Janie, 

We have a special offer for you! 

Now you can subscribe to receive a monthly box of your favorite tea from us at 15% off for three months. 

Simply reply to this message to subscribe. 

12. Invite them to your loyalty program 

Continuing on running WhatsApp marketing campaigns to boost customer retention, another idea we have is to invite customers to join your loyalty program. Set up a WhatsApp broadcast campaign to promote the benefits and rewards your loyalty program has to offer. 

We recommend sending this WhatsApp marketing campaigns to an active segment of customers in your WhatsApp list, or those who have bought from you at least more than two times. 

Every cup of coffee gets you more points! 

Hey Sam, 

‚ÄćThank you for being our loyal customer.¬†

We’d like to invite you to join our loyalty program. Here’s why: 

  • Get 10% off on all your orders¬†
  • Get 100 points for every 5 purchases¬†
  • Get early access to new collections¬†
  • Get access to freebies and trial packs¬†

Yes, sign me up! 

13. Create WhatsApp newsletters 

Another interesting way to use the messaging platform is to send WhatsApp newsletters. Instead of being overly promotional, this WhatsApp marketing campaign type focuses on using content to engage the consumers in your WhatsApp list. 

You can send over blogs, short videos that teach them how to brew the perfect cup of tea or coffee, or even user generated content that shows how loved your products are! 

Ready to get started with WhatsApp marketing for your tea and coffee brand? 

With the access to WhatsApp Business API with a solution like QuickReply.ai, there are several more ways in which your Shopify tea and coffee store can use WhatsApp for marketing purposes. 

In fact, you can turn WhatsApp into a complete sales channel by leveraging its commerce features like catalog, checkout links, payment gateway integrations and more. 

But to do this, you need a promising WhatsApp Business API solution by your side to set up the required automations across the buyer journey. 

QuickReply.ai has built over 40 eCommerce chatbots that are designed to take your customers from awareness, consideration, add to cart to completing the purchase on WhatsApp itself. 

This has helped leading food and beverage brands not just engage their audience better, but also drive 5X more sales from the messaging platform. 

Want to know how you can sell tea and coffee online using WhatsApp? 

Book a demo of QuickReply.ai today. 

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