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World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day Sales Announcement- WhatsApp Template Examples

Don't miss out, Riya

📢 World Chocolate Day SALE is live now!!! 🤩

Mouth-watering 🤤 deals filled with huge discounts and offers.🏷️

It's time to save more! 🛍️

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World Chocolate Day Sales Announcement

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World Chocolate Day Up Sell- WhatsApp Template Examples

A mouth-watering deal just for you this World Chocolate Day! 🍭

Pick up our Large Pizza 🍕 at the price of Medium Pizza only @ 456 INR. 🤩

No coupon required,⏳ hurry because deal expires soon.🤤

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World Chocolate Day Up Sell

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World Chocolate Day Percentage Discount- WhatsApp Template Examples

It's World Chocolate 🍫 Day today!

🍭 Here's a sweet deal from us - UPTO 60% OFF on all orders. 🍭

Use code 👉 CHOCOLATY to avail this offer. 🤩

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World Chocolate Day Percentage Discount

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World Chocolate Day Free Shipping- WhatsApp Template Examples

An eye-catching 🍫 offer just for you, Rohit.

🎊 Giving away FREE SHIPPING to celebrate World Chocolate Day. 🎊

Apply code 👉 CHOCO22 to avail.

Claim Free shipping

World Chocolate Day Free Shipping

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World Chocolate Day Cross Sell- WhatsApp Template Examples

🍭 Like Chocolate, here's a tempting deal just for you! 🍭

Get 15% OFF on 🍜 Ramen Noodles if bought together with Milkshake.🧃

Catch this exclusive offer before it expires. ⏳

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World Chocolate Day Cross Sell

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World Chocolate Day Limited Time Offer- WhatsApp Template Examples

Here's a heart melting 💕 deal for you this World Chocolate Day. 🍫

🍭 Get our Premium Quality Chocolate Box at just 799 INR only!


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World Chocolate Day Limited Time Offer

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World Chocolate Day Flat Discount- WhatsApp Template Examples

Chocolate is happiness, and so is our offer. 🍫

🍬 FLAT 45% OFF 🍬

Use coupon 👉 CHOCOLATE12 to avail the discount.

Grab it before it's gone! ⏳

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World Chocolate Day Flat Discount

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World Chocolate Day Clearance Sale- WhatsApp Template Examples

Here's an irresistible news for you, Tania. 🤩

🍭 Our World Chocolate Day Clearance Sale starts now! 🍭

Get more and spend less! 🍫

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World Chocolate Day Clearance Sale

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World Chocolate Day Abandoned Cart- WhatsApp Template Examples

Taking your sweet time deciding if you still want to buy it ? 💕

Worry not, we have saved your Football in our cart. 🛒

Chocolate Day 🍫 special offer, get 20% OFF if ordered within 2 hrs.🤩

Use code 👉 CHOCO3

Complete purchase

World Chocolate Day Abandoned Cart

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What is World Chocolate Day?

World Chocolate Day, also referred to as International Chocolate Day, is celebrated on 7th July globally. It is suggested to be the anniversary of the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550. 

As the name suggests, this day is celebrated worldwide by exchanging chocolates or gifting chocolates to your loved ones. Many people try different chocolate recipes & share them. Countries like Ghana or the USA do not celebrate Chocolate Day on this date, they have their own dates.

Why use WhatsApp Marketing for World Chocolate Day?

WhatsApp is a go-to messaging app for over billions of users around the world. With easy to use features, WhatsApp acts as a bridge between customers and sellers. Many services like asking queries, giving feedback or getting announcements of recent discounts & offers can be provided by a business via WhatsApp Business Chat Templates. 

On World Chocolate Day, people tend to look for extra gifts to pair with chocolates and share them with their family & close friends. With Chocolate themed WhatsApp Templates engage with your customers with a two-way conversation and create a good engagement with a  personalised experience. 

Add freebies like chocolates or desserts along with the orders made by your customers, to gain more benefit. helps you acquire all these features which can be used to keep your customers engaged with your brand.

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